Black Sheep Racing and Division 1 College Racing League Join Forces

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Fresh off their Porsche Sprint Challenge USA West championship with Laura Ely, Black Sheep Racing is pleased to announce the signing of a new partnership program with the Division 1 College Racing League Association. With branding on the hood of their championship-winning #09 entry at the final event weekend, Division 1 College Racing was along for the ride in a double podium weekend at the Circuit of the Americas.

“I am extremely excited about this new program and happy to help expand the promotion as much as I can,” explained Laura Ely. “I know the team at D1, along with several key members behind the scenes at Black Sheep Racing, have been hard at work putting finishing touches on this exciting partnership.”

“A partnership is a serious commitment. When we were invited to Indy to meet the Black Sheep Racing team, we saw the pit crew in action. Their experience, determination, and professionalism were first-rate from the garage to pit lane. Mix that at a dinner table with a family feel and the trip was not only educational on so many levels, but it helped us realize – THIS was the team we needed to partner with,” explained D1 College Racing League’s Deanne Gallagher. “Then we went to COTA. With Laura Ely in the driver seat, winning the Porsche Sprint Challenge USA West Championship title, and finishing in the top three of the 991 class overall, she opens so many levels of inspiration to females across the board. Of course, our target is young women pursuing their education in STEM at a collegiate level, but seeing a woman decide to drive later in life inspires women to always pursue their dreams no matter what age they are. It’s possible, anything is, if you want it bad enough. The D1 Path to Pro mindset will come to fruition in the coming months and our partners are as passionate as we are. We are excited as many new initiatives for women are in our marketing deck, and we’d love to share with potentially interested corporations!”

D1 Racing League is an organization of solution-based Universities transforming the competition models of motorsports for female student-athletes. D1 can communicate a compelling business model for centering motorsports in college as an Emerging Sport for Women, generating systemic and self-sustaining values for all partners. D1 is a platform for purpose, a showroom for the future of mobility reaching the hearts of humanity in a sustainable way. There is no better place to develop the next-gen technologies of mobility than in the laboratories of our major universities. By sending motorsports to college, D1 is looking to unlock the lifelong benefits of sports.

Division 1 creates 1,500 more participation opportunities for female student athletes allowing 10-year-olds to dream, 15-year-olds to believe, and 20-year-olds to drive for a National Championship in Motorsports. The largest Path to Pro accelerator program for Women in Motorsports starts here!

“I think these are game-changing ideas, and we are hard at work to turn these ideas into a reality,” added Chief Marketing Officer Chris Stiffler. “The D1 College Racing League is working to bring the College Sports idea to motorsports, and we are thankful that they have partnered with us to not only learn the industry but also use our knowledge and experience to grow and make the overall program sustainable for years to come.”

Along with the news, Black Sheep Racing will begin using the hashtag #MoreOpportunitiesD1 in all social media posts. Be sure to follow #MoreOpportunitesD1 to keep up to date with news.

Black Sheep Racing and the D1 College Racing League will have more news in the very near future.

Stay tuned to the Black Sheep Racing social media pages for news, information, photos, and results from all event weekends. To be added to the Black Sheep Racing Mailing List, please email

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Photos: Tek Media

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